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Collegiate Enterprise Solutions Taxonomy of Services

Pre & Post Search Consulting
1.0 Cultivating Talent: Succession Planning
1.1 Personal Development
1.2 Leadership in the Academy
1.2.1 Core Values
1.2.2 Skills and capabilities
1.2.3 Potential, assessing
1.3 Closing the Readiness Gap
1.4 Institutional Cultural Analysis
1.5 Diversity: Fostering an inclusive culture
2.0 Exploring Talent Network
2.1 The Value of an Interim Position
2.2 Partnerships
2.3 Outsourcing
3.0 Fiduciary Responsibilities and Legal Considerations
3.1 Strategic Planning
3.1.1 Developing the Job/Position Description
3.1.2 Local Media Campaigns and Talent Requisition
3.2 Institutional Value and Mission: Communicating with Clarity
3.3 Conducting the Search: A decision on in-house or search firm
3.4 Identification of Qualified Candidates
3.4.1 Screening Candidates
3.4.2 Due Diligence: Google searches, references and background screening/check
3.4.3 Pre-Employment Assessments: when are they appropriate?
3.5 Conducting the Interview: Who and how?
3.5.1 Search Committees: Constitution and Role
3.5.2 Types of Interviews: Behavioral
3.5.3 Legal Consultation
3.6 The Finalist: Extending an offer
3.6.1 Verbal offer/written offer
3.6.2 Negotiating salary and compensation
3.6.3 Term of Employment
4.0 Post Hire Process
4.1 Strategic Onboarding and Orientation
4.1.1 Designing appropriately leveled programs
4.1.2 The benefits of strategic onboarding/orientation: “understanding the institutional culture”
4.2 Sustained Performance Appraisal


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