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Collegiate Enterprise Solutions Taxonomy of Services

Operational Excellence
1.0 Institutional Planning
1.1 Constituents’ Role in Planning
1.2 U.S. Educational Policies: The Academy Responds
1.3 Developing and Executing a Planning Model
1.4 Establishing a Culture of Evidence
2.0 Optimizing Organizational Structure
2.1 Strategic Level: Presidents, Vice Presidents
2.2 Operational Level: Deans, Directors, Department Chairs
2.3 Technology Structure: HR, IR, IT
2.4 Support Staff: Facilities, Dining, Bookstore
3.0 Accreditation and Licensure/Legislation
3.1 Federal Accountability and
3.2 State Governance of Higher Education; Institutional Licensure
3.3 U.S. Regional Accreditation: NEASC, SACS, MSCHE, HLC, WASC
3.4 Conducting the Search: A decision on in-house or search firm
3.5 Identification of Qualified Candidates
4.0 Financial Planning and Execution
4.1 Linking Financial Plan to Strategic Plan
4.2 Budget Planning Process and Monitoring
4.3 Federal Financial Aid
5.0 Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness
5.1 The Academic Strategic Plan
5.2 Developing the Institutional Effectiveness Plan
5.3 Linking Planning and Assessment to Budget
6.0 Enrollment Management
6.1 Admissions
6.2 Retention
6.3 Marketing/Recruitment
7.0 Institutional Advancement
7.1 Fundraising: Annual Funds and Capital Campaign
7.2 Alumnus Relations
7.3 Publications and Communications: The Institutional Message
7.4 Grant Writing
8.0 Academic Program Development
8.1 Curriculum Development: General Education; Schools and Majors
8.2 Distance Learning Models
9.0 Student Affairs
9.1 Student Development: Theory and Practice
9.2 Co-curriculum Plan
9.3 Student Persistence
10.0 Legal Issues in Higher Education
10.1 Student Due Process
10.2 Faculty Issues: Academic Freedom, Contracts
10.3 Title VII of Civil Rights Act of 1964
10.4 Equal Pay Act 1963
10.5 Sexual Harassment Policies
10.6 Title IX
11.0 Departmental Leadership and Faculty
11.1 The Role of the Department Chair
11.2 Department Faculty
11.2.1 Recruitment and Hiring
11.2.2 Annual Reviews
11.2.3 Promotion and Tenure
11.2.4 Academic Freedom
11.2.5 The Role of Adjunct Faculty Mentor


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