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Collegiate Enterprise Solutions Consulting Network

CES Consulting has a membership of over 500 former presidents and senior administrators located across the nation in 49 different states. CES Consulting selects and deploys its members on consulting assignments predicated upon their prior experience and expertise—and also upon their potential match and capacity to be responsive to the needs and requirements of prospective college/university clients. Providing consultants with the right fit for institutional clients differentiates CES in the realm of higher education consulting.

CES Consulting has also established an organizational framework structure that identifies sub-groups of expertise within our membership network. Some of the major sub-groups of expertise are as follows:

Accreditation and Licensure
Administration and Finance
Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness
Distance Learning
New Revenue Streams
Enrollment Management
Executive Coaching
Institutional Advancement
IT Leadership
Mergers and Acquisitions
Presidential and Senior Administration Compensation
Program Development and Review
Resource Centered Management
Strategic Planning
Student Affairs


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