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The Registry for College and University Presidents, a CES subsidiary, is the premier interim executive leadership firm in American higher education. The Registry provides interim executives for all types of colleges/universities throughout the nation, and abroad. From the date of its founding in 1992, the Registry has typically responded to the needs of colleges/universities for highly-effective transitional leadership; but increasingly over the last decade, the Registry and its interim executives have been called upon to provide transformational leadership for the academy. In all of its placements, the Registry and its members continue to aspire to fulfill what is now recognized as the gold standard of interim executive leadership in American higher education.
While Registry Interims cannot become candidates for the permanent position, they are nonetheless empowered to fulfill a specific set of EXPECTATIONS prescribed uniquely for each and every placement, and designed to turn leadership transitions into periods of extraordinary opportunity for college/university clients.

Registry Interims are currently available for the following placements:

Chief Academic Officer
Chief Operating officer
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Advancement Officer
Chief Enrollment Officer
Chief Student Life Officer
Deans of Professional Schools
Chief Human Resources Officer

For More Information please visit: www.registry-online.org


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